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Beautylicious: Introducing Nilo Haq !

Nilo Haq is a skilled Canadian Makeup Artist with years of professional international experience. She is a certified MAC makeup artist who now resides in Jeddah.

Her talents as a makeup artist set her apart from others in the industry.  She specializes in creating beautiful Eastern and Arabic inspired looks with a western touch.  She believes in naturally enhancing ones features instead of covering it up with layers of makeup.  Her techniques and styles are specially tailored to create the perfect looks for her clientele. 

Jeddah Blog is delighted to introduce our latest regular column, 'Beautylicious' with Nilo Haq MUA as our official beauty writer. First let's get to know Nilo...


What made you decide you wanted to become a makeup artist?

Growing up I was fascinated by the way my mom wore makeup.  During my teen years I started wearing makeup and friends and strangers began complimenting me.   Soon after that, friends started knocking at my door asking to get their makeup done.  After I graduated from school I decided to take my passions a step further.  So I enrolled myself at a professional Makeup Academy.  It all began from there…

Have you trained professionally, and if so where?

I wanted to be able to offer my clients diversity.  So I learnt a variety of styles to suit different cultures.  I obtained my formal training at MAC Pro Makeup School in Canada.  I also wanted to be able to master the art of Pakistani makeup so trained at two very popular Salons in Karachi, Nabilas and Shaeens.  After moving to Jeddah, I worked at a French Salon called Alexander Zouari, which is on Thalia.  There I had the opportunity to train with some incredibly talented Lebanese makeup artists.   So I have experience and formal training in Western/European makeup, Eastern Pakistani/Indian makeup and Lebanese inspired Arabic makeup. 

Let us in on your favorite brands and products...

I have many favorite brands for makeup, because I used to work for MAC I know the brand very well and believe in their products.  I especially love their eye shadows because they offer a good variety of colors that are highly pigmented.  I also love YSL lipsticks.  They are also highly pigmented, smooth and creamy.  Chanel is another great brand.  They have an excellent line of foundations. 

Apart from taking on the coveted role of Official Beauty Writer at Jeddah Blog, what are some of the other projects you are currently working on?

I am currently running my own studio salon: iGlow Studios, which is located in Rehab.  I offer Professional Makeup, Hair Styling and Airbrushing Services.  I am also the Course Director at Dar Al Hekma’s newly opened Beauty Academy.  We will be offering a variety of Professional Makeup Classes.  

I am conducting Makeup Seminars all around Jeddah for Ladies groups, Offices and Compounds.  I am also working with a team who will be hosting a Fashion Show at Park Hyatt later this year.  I have my hands full with different projects, I’m sure you will see me around.

We are hearing a lot about airbrushing. What is airbrush makeup and what are the advantages of it? 

Airbrush makeup is something relatively new to the Makeup industry compared to the usual foundations.  Why I love airbrush makeup is that it leaves a flawless finish, it lasts for over 18 hours, it feels like nothing is on your skin, it can cover redness, blemishes and even tattoos!  It is commonly used in films and magazines, which is one of the reasons that models and actresses skin looks so incredible.  I would definitely recommended it for brides to help make them look flawless on their special day. 

What goes through your mind when you’re working towards creating a make up look? 

I follow my heart and my instinct.  When you work in cosmetics or fashion worlds, and especially for a makeup house like MAC, it is important to delve into the past to work on the future.  Everything can be inspiring:  the beauty of a brides dress, the color of a woman’s eyes or even accenting jewelry pieces a client may be wearing for her occasion.   I also get a lot of inspiration following runway trends. 

Can you give us some insight into your makeup regimen?

I always start with my Dermologica moisturizer, as it keeps my skin moisturized and leaves it feeling incredible.  Then I follow up with a liquid foundation usually the MAC tint in medium and a nice bronzer (Gurelain and YSL have some great ones).  I like to wear tons of Mascara (Lancome Hypnose) is my all time favorite mascara.   Deep black liquid liner is a must for me and to top it off a nice creamy lipstick with the shade depending on my mood.

And now Nilo answers some questions sent in by our readers...

"I have large eyes that I would like to highlight.  Could you tell me the easiest way to achieve a smokey look?"

- Desperate to be Smokey

Dear Desperate to be Smokey,

The smokey look is one of the most sought after eye looks these days.  Contrary to what people may say it is quite simple to create.  Draw a line close to your eyelashes with a black Kohl pencil.  Using a brush smudge with a black or brown eye shadow.  The more you smudge, the better it will look.  Try Smoulder Kohl  and carbon eyeshadow both from MAC. 

"I have oily skin and I’m scared to use any makeup, especially foundations.  Please advise me on makeup that won’t cause my skin to break out."
- Fearful of Foundations
Dear Fearful of Foundations,

Oily skin needs moisturizing before makeup.  Use a mild face wash and an oil free lotion like Cetaphil that is available at your local pharmacy.  The studio sculpt foundation from MAC is grease free and won’t make your face look oily.  Top it off with some powder using a large powder brush.  Remember to take off your makeup and clean your skin thoroughly at the end of the day.


"I suffer from a horrible case of dark circles.  The condition runs in my family and there is little I can do to get rid of them.  I’ve tried everything from cucumber masks to vitamin capsules, but nothing seems to work.  The only option left for me is to hide them using makeup.  Could you please advise me on how to hide them without looking all caked up?"

- Dark Circles

Dear Dark Circles,

Unfortunately, getting rid of dark circles is really difficult, especially in your case because it is hereditary.  However, it can be corrected with makeup but with the risk of looking made up, unless you are facing professional lighting and cameras.  The dark area under the eyes needs special moisturizing before you apply anything else.  Make sure you avoid yellow toned concealers.  Use one with a pink undertone and blend it well under your eyes.  Try studio sculpt concealer in an “NW” tone from MAC.  Use a dark brown kohl or eyeliner instead of black.  Also, work towards a permanent solution – sleep well and drink lots of water.


"What is the best way to highlight my features with glitter? I am afraid of going overboard and ending up looking like a disco ball! Help!"

- Helpless with Glitter

Dear Helpless with Glitter,

Glitter is not the best option to highlight your features. Instead try a shimmer powder in a gold/bronze/silver to give your skin that sun kissed or glowing look.  For your body, add a few drops of your favorite body lotion or baby oil to a spoonful of shine powder and evenly spread all over your back, legs, arms and shoulders.  For the face, add a pinch of shimmer powder to your foundation and blend evenly and for the eyes try using the veluxe pearl finish eye shadows from MAC.  They sit incredibly close to the skin and have an intense amount of shine.  You’ll love them!


If you would like your beauty questions answered by Nilo Haq, you can leave a comment on this page or email jeddahblg@gmail.com

Nilo can also be contacted on her own email address or on her Facebook page.

- Sabaa Ali


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Apr. 17th, 2011 12:00 am (UTC)
Hi Nilo,

I have terrible stretchmarks on my buttock region as I had gained weight in the past but lost it very quickly. People have been advising me to use Cocoa butter but I feel it's just used to prevent stretch marks.Summer's around the corner and the beach is inevitable. Please help before anyone else notices them in the sun.Thank you:)
Jun. 8th, 2011 02:10 pm (UTC)
location for salon
Hi Nilo,
I would like to know your correct location or maybe your mobile no.to book an appointment.
Thank you.
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